Processing digital evidence is complicated. We make it simple.

Digital evidence comes in all forms, including email, user documents and databases to name a few. Processing this evidence accurately and consistently requires years of experience. For example, different email systems require different processes and procedures to accurately capture all necessary metadata. At Omnivere, we know how difficult heterogeneous data can be to handle; this is why we leverage industry leading tools and our own in-house technologies and workflow to achieve accurate, consistent results where others regularly fail.

Our workflow is intellectual property we’ve developed through years of achievement. We take great pride in our ability to be prepared when any need arises, responding rapidly to unforeseen circumstances and scaling quickly to meet any client need all over the globe at any given day and time.

We understand that a lot of the strategy behind processing data is about limiting what counsel needs to review in order to respond to requesting parties. Therefore, we apply fully defensible data reduction techniques and technologies to deliver the smallest, most accurate data set possible. We make sure our economic interests are aligned with yours at all times.

Omnivere’s data processing follows a 3-step process:




A sample of what processing data can look like

Data Collected 100%
Remaining after De-duplication 20%
Search Terms Applied 5%