Digital investigations require a different level and type of expertise. From the capture and analysis of digital artifacts to full chain-of-custody on virtually any data type from any data source, Omnivere can meet even the most challenging client timelines.

At Omnivere, we are proud of our deep bench of forensic examiners who have worked on complex projects around the globe for some of the largest clients in the world. Our team stays true to forensic fundamentals by starting with the “three As” of digital forensics: Acquire (without altering), Authenticate (to ensure recovered evidence is accurate to the original) and Analyze (without modifying the evidence).

The use cases for which clients rely on Omnivere are myriad, but include the following: recovering lost information, proof of spoliation, challenging or defending authenticity of digital evidence, recreating document or communication chronology/history, identification of hidden or encrypted information and forensically-sound collection and preservation of digital evidence.

Our digital forensics services include the following 5 stages:

Identification Services




Complex Forensics