Omnivere has officially released OmniChat, a Revolutionary eDiscovery Solution for Enhanced Analysis and Review of Mobile Device Data

Chicago, IL. – Omnivere, a leading eDiscovery service provider and legal technology company, is pleased to announce that OmniChat, its latest proprietary eDiscovery solution used to streamline review, analysis and production of mobile device data, is now officially available and being offered to the market.

OmniChat provides an efficient solution to analyze and review mobile device data in context with other important case data. Traditional review and analysis of mobile device data has been limited to manual review of reports, spreadsheets and PDFs. OmniChat streamlines the process by allowing users to analyze and review their mobile device data in a standard document review platform like Relativity. Complex mobile device data, including chat, text messages (SMS & MMS) and embedded emojis, can be analyzed, reviewed & produced in a defensible manner as complete conversations or individual messages.

OmniChat is compatible with almost every major device on the market, and currently supports iMessage, WeChat, Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp. Omnivere will continue to add capabilities for social media and messaging applications and is working with leading forensic software partners to meet the ever increasing and complex evolution of mobile data and its applications.

The OmniChat solution has been successfully used by select clients over the last year, and has undergone rigorous testing and numerous updates to prepare for general release.  According to Tony Caputo, CEO of Omnivere, “OmniChat has been thoroughly and successfully tested to meet our expected standard of excellence, and will be able to provide our clients with the seamless technology needed to efficiently analyze their data.”

About Omnivere:

Omnivere provides comprehensive eDiscovery and legal technology services for corporations and law firms who have legal and compliance risk exposure and who need secure, intelligent and timely-delivered solutions to manage their data.  Delivered by a team of dedicated and responsive project managers who strive to build and maintain strong client relationships, our solutions reflect a commitment to innovation and data-driven problem solving.

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Dan Bellopede