Omnivere is pleased to announce that its proprietary KEPS processing engine can now process Instant Bloomberg messages, commonly referred to as Bloomberg Chat, the leading communication platform used by the global financial community.  Instant Bloomberg is a complex and pervasive platform that is always archived for compliance.  The KEPS eDiscovery processing engine, Omnivere’s solution for “making the complex, simple,” is able to create individual ‘daily’ chats, eliminate noise and clutter, link chat attachments, and render chat for easy review in any platform, including Omnivere Direct and Relativity.

In other news, Omnivere conducted an annual review of Omnivere Direct, its early case assessment solution.  The analysis showed that, using Direct’s normal filtering methods (full text and metadata search), clients can filter out, on average, 81% of their documents.  Furthermore, clients using Direct’s advanced culling features can filter out an additional 8% of documents, for average total culling rates of almost 90%.  Such a drastic reduction in datasets drives efficiency and reduces costs throughout the eDiscovery process by reducing the number of documents that need to be reviewed.

As a result of Direct’s effective document reduction capabilities, significant increases have been observed in Direct’s adoption and usage since Omnivere acquired the technology in 2016 through its acquisition of Kiersted Systems.  There has been a 72% increase in database growth since the acquisition.  In anticipation of even further growth and larger projects, a new version of Direct has been released that increases data ingestion speeds by a factor of six.  This new release represents Omnivere’ continued development of Direct and its infrastructure.

“In order to keep in pace with the ever-evolving technology in today’s market and to ensure that our clients continue to receive the best quality service and results, our solutions need to grow and evolve as well,” explains Omnivere’s CEO, Tony Caputo.  “With an experienced team of developers dedicated to Direct and KEPS, Omnivere’s solutions will be able to support new and complex technologies as they arise and will only continue to grow in scale and performance.”

About Omnivere:
Omnivere is a global services firm responding to the most difficult data risk management challenges.  With decades of experience in all stages of the corporate data lifecycle, from pre-matter consulting through legal hold, trial and ultimate disposition of data, Omnivere is uniquely positioned to minimize corporate risk while delivering unparalleled efficiency before, during, and after legal, regulatory and compliance proceedings.  The firm provides services to companies in the energy, financial services, healthcare, insurance, technology and government sectors and to their legal counsel.  For more information about Omnivere go to or follow @Omnivere on Twitter.


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