Omnivere today announced the onboarding of an elite legal technology team specializing in computer forensics and eDiscovery consulting. The six-person team, led by Matthew Blake, brings top industry talent – each team member offering a unique industry skillset that will play an important role in the success of Omnivere’s longterm rapid growth strategy. Blake has also been tapped to serve as Omnivere’s Head of Forensics.

With over twenty years in international consulting experience, Blake and his group will add tremendous depth and experience to Omnivere’s eDiscovery & forensics group. Prior to Omnivere, Blake successfully built upstart Franklin Data, an internationally recognized professional services firm with an emphasis on supporting “mission-critical” data. At Franklin, Blake led the global technology practice and served as chief compliance officer. Blake’s team brings a broad range of experience, including: data analysis, computer forensics, electronic discovery, expert witness testimony, evidence gathering and administrative support.

“I see the tremendous value in the top-notch team that Omnivere is assembling,” said Blake. “This is an exciting opportunity.”

“Blake is truly an expert in his field,” said Omnivere’s CEO, Erik Post. “We are excited to have him and his team join Omnivere. The group’s expertise and exemplary reputation in the eDiscovery and forensics arena is going to set Omnivere up for incredible success on a global scale. This is exciting for us.”

The addition of Blake and his team will allow Omnivere to further penetrate the legal technology marketplace and immediately underscores its viability as a competitive up-and-comer in the industry.

“We’re generating a buzz here,” Post added. “We’re getting noticed, and we’re winning new clients across the country. Adding Blake’s team supplements this strategy in every way.” Showing no signs of slowing down, Omnivere boasts 140 employees in it’s two month infancy